Bringing Elm into the Wordpress community the right way.

Alrighty, so I think the best way I could go about this is to just build build build. Build an audience of people for feedback. Build plugins to get an idea of how all of this looks like in practice. Who knows what else! Follow along here to keep up to date with what is going on:

  • Launch letting community know what I’m going to be trying to do

  • Share why Wordpress needs a frontend framework

  • Plan plugin ideas that would be best fit for Elm and Wordpress

  • Build Plugin: Springboard

    • Think through problem that plugin will solve, and the features needed to demonstrate the complexity Elm is good at handling

    • Map out plugin UX and states

    • Design the screens and branding

    • Define domain and Elm types

    • Build initial plugin architecture using WordPress API and Elm

    • Build, Build, Build

  • Build Plugin: Ichabod

  • Not sure what is next...

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